E-coating Line

Our e-coating line utilizes PPG pretreatment chemicals and PPG Powercron CF590-534 paint therefore producing state-of-the-art corrosion resistance and superior appearance for your products.   PPG holds a commanding share of the industrial e-coating market.

The PPG chemicals and paint custom-selected for use in our process have already been approved by the American auto companies, and by many of their suppliers.   Parts being painted are moved through the system on a high capacity monorail conveyor.   Loading and unloading stations use heavy-duty cycling hoists.   This allows us to quickly and almost effortlessly process large and heavy parts with minimal cycle time.

Dip and Drag line

This is a somewhat simpler process than E-coating; the parts are loaded on a high capacity monorail conveyor that immerses them entirely in a dip paint tank.   It then carries them through a drying oven.   Like our e-coating line, our dip and drag line painting operation is suitable for both small and large parts with high volume capacity, and is equipped to process complex hard-to-coat parts.   Loading and unloading are done similarly with heavy-duty cycling hoists.


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